How to retrieve the National Identity Number (NIN) If Misplaced

The pins on national ID card may be so plentiful but the useful one is national identification number (NIN).

Did you lose your national ID card and want to use its NIN? You are not alone, some people have being asking.

In today’s article, we will show you how to know the NIN of your misplaced national ID card.

The important pin/key on your national ID card like NIN and tracking id should be well written in your diary by yourself after you have been successfully issued incase it will can accidentally get misplaced.


3 ways you can retrieve the NIN of your national ID card

The three (3) ways you can know the NIN of your national ID card in Nigeria which we are going to explain here are very simple.

Below are the three ways to know the NIN of your national ID card.

  • By diary method
  • By using the code/ussd and
  • By visiting the NIMC office.
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If your national ID card get missing from today, you will do not need to wonder too much again after reading these explanations.

  • Diary method:
The first method you can use to know the national identification number (NIN) of your national ID card is the use diary. What does diary method mean?Diary simply means a daily record of a one’s deed recorded by him/herself. Immediately you are being given your national ID card, you are advised to put down its important things on it like its NIN in your diary.

You should put down your NIN in your diary in order to retrieve it when your national ID card get misplaced accidentally.

  • By using code or USSD
Nin is an unchangeable identity given to a citizen of a country. If it has been given to you, it will never change because it is an identity of you in your country.If you have misplaced the NIN on your national ID card, you can retrieve it by dialing *346# (USSD) code on the SIM number you used to register for the NIN. The explanation is that: Insert the SIM you used during the filling of your NIN form; Then dial *346# and wait for your NIN to deliver to you instantly.

Note: The service charge for this method is N20 hence, make sure your SIM is credited above N20 or more before you start.

  • By visiting NIMC office
This method is strictly for those who have missed or can not get their NIN using the first and second method. Hence, this method is the end of their wondering.You Amy did not get an intention to write down your NIN in your diary or might have lost your SIM number which registered with NIMC during the filling of NIN registration form.

If you do not have the SIM number or have lost the one used for the NIN registration, you should visit any NIMC office nearest to you or it’s licensed agents for the retrieval of the NIN on your national ID card.

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